Parents of murdered British backpacker fear trial in Kashmir could collapse


Arvind Kumar, an Indian criminal lawyer, said he thought the trial would continue under the Indian Penal Code from where it left off, rather than the Ranbir Penal Code, which has been dissolved.

But he predicted huge delays owing to ongoing turmoil in Kashmir where the change in legal status has led to enhanced fears of terror attacks and law and order problems.

“I imagine court cases in Kashmir will get even slower over the next few months,” Mr Kumar said.  

“We are six and a half years since the tragedy. I don’t want it to collapse and I don’t want it to be an unsafe verdict.  Either way we are faced with further delays. We are very upset we are not moving towards some sort of conclusion,” Mr Groves said, who has flown to Kashmir six times to watch the proceedings and shelled out tens of thousands of pounds on costs and legal fees.

“We cannot keep going as it is so expensive and there is more than an even chance nothing will happen when we get there,” he said.


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