Parkrun brings in protection for competitors amid fears sex attacker is targeting joggers


Parkrun organisers are to introduce security measures to protect its slowest runners in a south London park amid fears a serial sex attacker is targeting joggers. 

Scotland Yard launched a manhunt after four women were sexually assaulted at South Norwood Country Park.

The attacks were first reported on May 3, occurring during weekdays, with the latest assault taking place on June 21.

The victims, aged between 30 and 60, were dog walkers or joggers Detectives say that two further women had their phones taken by the suspect, described by witnesses as “friendly and smiling”.

Parkrun organiser Laura Foster, who runs a Saturday 5km run at the park, said more volunteers will be deployed in the wake of the assaults, with further protection given to runners who may find themselves isolated. 

She said: “We will double up on some of our volunteering roles over the next few weeks and provide extra support to the slower runners and walkers to ensure that no-one is on their own at any point in the event.”


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