Pavel Florin is cricket’s latest hero as the Romanian star wins over fans with his unorthodox bowling… and batting


THE World Cup is over and The Ashes are just hours away from beginning – but cricket already has a new hero: Pavel Florin.

The Romanian giant is president of Cluj Cricket Club and has gone viral following some entertaining efforts in the European Cricket League.

Pavel Florin has become a sensation for his unorthodox style
Pavel Florin is the president of Cluj Cricket Club in Romania

Six years ago, Florin didn’t even know what cricket was.

Now, he is playing in the European league after helping his side become Romanian Twenty20 champions.

Florin is the only Romanian in the team going up against clubs from around the continent, including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia and Denmark.

While Cluj have failed to have much success on the pitch, they’ve instantly become every cricket fan’s second team thanks to Florin.

The stocky star’s bowling technique is hard to describe politely, with one commentator simply calling it “well-flighted”.

His batting is just as hilarious too, as he tries every shot under the sun, including a reverse sweep to a quick bowler.

At one stage, passionate Florin played on after refusing to leave the field with a broken leg, according to some reports.

People say my bowling is not beautiful or not effective… but I don’t care because I love cricket.

Pavel Florin


Florin knows he’s not the best player in the world but revealed he does it all for the love of the game – and it’s growing appeal in Romania.

He claimed: “It’s not going well now… we’ve lost three matches.

“We are not professional and maybe people say my bowling is not beautiful or not effective… but I don’t care because I love cricket.

“It is not beautiful, I know. I am a slow bowler. Is it a problem? I think not.”

Cricketing legend Shane Warne has thrown his backing to Florin, even offering him a personal coaching session.

Warne tweeted: “Cricket is a beautiful game. Well done and congrats to everyone who made this happen.

“I would love to check this tournament out next year and help out. If you need a helping hand then hit me up.”

The Ashes 2019 fixtures, as England host Australia in five-match Test series

Former Test batsman Darren Lehmann also praised Florin, along with former England stars Dimi Mascarenhas and Ebony Rainford-Brent.

But Iceland Cricket’s Twitter account summed it up best, writing: “Seeing a player like Pavel Florin rolling his sleeves up and doing his best on international television is one of the cricketing highlights of the year.

“Doesn’t it gladden the heart? Doesn’t it make you feel glad to be alive?”


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