Home News Pennsylvania billboard claiming Joe Biden is mentally unfit spells ‘dementia’ wrong

Pennsylvania billboard claiming Joe Biden is mentally unfit spells ‘dementia’ wrong

A billboard in Pennsylvania accuses Joe Biden of having “dementia” — but butchers the spelling of the cognitive disorder.

“Biden’s dimensia is worsening. He is not fit,” the message declares, while mistakenly adding an extra “i” and “s” to the word.

The unsubstantiated political attack ad, which sits next to Route 21 in Fayette County, also features an image of the former vice president next to the phrase “Sleepy Joe,” according to an image posted on Twitter.

But observers noted that whoever is behind the message isn’t exactly sharp either.

“The irony is just hilarious,” Evan Ludy, 22, who lives in nearby Uniontown, told Newsweek.

Ludy, who posted an image of the billboard on Twitter, captioned it, “[They] absolutely obliterated the word ‘dementia.’”

The billboard is owned by Penneco Outdoor Advertising, which didn’t immediately return a request for comment, according to The Pittsburgh City Paper.


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