Penny Mordaunt pledges to take on Treasury to secure more money, saying there should be greater 'honesty' about the cost of Defence


The Defence Secretary has said she will take on the Treasury to secure more money for the MoD, saying there should be more “honesty” about the cost of Defence.

Seeking to end the “vicious circle” of unfulfilled Defence reviews, Penny Mordaunt said she was “determined” the equipment pledges made in 2015 are delivered.

In her first speech as Defence Minister, she announced a new policy to “lay the blueprint for how we use [the aircraft carriers] to deliver global Britain’s objectives around the world”.

“I’m not going to be shy about asking for more money,” she said. The Treasury will not welcome or agree with her, she warned but said: “I can promise though, that the Treasury will hear this message”.

Speaking at the First Sea Lord’s last conference as head of the Royal Navy, she said the 2015 Defence review committed to buying eight new Type-26 Frigates, a further five Type 31E, two offshore patrol vessels and four nuclear-missile armed submarines.

So far only three Type-26 ships, the offshore patrol vessels and the submarines have been ordered.

“What is the point of methodically reviewing threats and tasks…and then not delivering it?” Ms Mordaunt asked.

There is widespread concern in defence circles that the Type-31E ships can be delivered for the £250 million the government says it is prepared to pay for them.


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