People leaving London in record numbers as crime and cost drive them to the coast


However their figures are increasing. In 2017, 336,010 people left London and the figure for the previous year was 291,630. 

This continued the rising trend from 2015 (283,0000), 2014 (273,0000), 2013 (251,00 and 2012 (255,140). 

In April the ONS released data revealing that knife crime had surged to the highest level since records began. 

Murder and manslaughter figures also reached a 10-year high in 2018 with 732 people killed.

Earlier this week the former Oasis frontman, Gallagher, blamed the London mayor, Sadiq Khan for the capital’s knife-crime epidemic.

The 46-year-old father of four, who lives in north London, said: “Every time you wake up in the morning, there’s some 16-year-old kid been knifed to death. I’ve got kids that age, out and about and that, doing their thing, living, being young. That freaks me right out – it does worry me. I’ve got teenagers.”

Last weekend, four people were killed within four days in London, putting the capital’s knife crime in the international spotlight as US President, Donald Trump also criticised Mr Khan over his handling of the issue.


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