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Peyronie’s disease symptoms: How does your manhood stand? It could be a sign

Damage to the penis can take place during sex, athletic activity or the result of an accident. The next time you’re feeling a bit frisky, pay attention to the way it looks.

Fibrous scar tissue can form on the penis, which can lead to certain difficulties.

The Mayo Clinic explained that each side of the penis contains a “sponge-like” tube.

These tubes are known as corpus cavernosum, and they contain many, tiny blood vessels.

“Each of the corpus cavernosum is encased in a sheath of elastic tissue called the tunica albuginea,” added the Mayo Clinic.

During arousal, blood flow to the penis increases and the elastic sheath “stretches during an erection”.

However, if a person suffers from Peyronie’s disease, the scarred penis doesn’t stretch as normal.

The scar tissue can force the manhood to stand at a very bent angle, or become disfigured.

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Due to Peyronie’s disease, the penis might become shorter, or other penile deformities may arise.

These include having an hour-glass appearance with a tight, narrow band around the shaft.

This condition can also cause issues with getting or maintaining an erection.

If you’re concerned you may have Peyronie’s disease, it’s advisable to discuss your fears with a GP.

When detected in the early stages of the disease, penile traction therapy helps to prevent length loss and minimise the extent of the curvature.

Penile traction therapy involves stretching the penis with a self-applied mechanical device for a specified period of time.

Possible treatment options also include medicinal and injection therapies that can take place over a few months.

For people at the later stages of the disease, surgery may be considered.


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