Phil Jones manages to handball his own spectacular overhead kick… and Man Utd fans love it


MANCHESTER UNITED fans were left in stitches at the latest moment of Phil Jones comedy gold on Tuesday night.

In the first-half of his side’s friendly with Kristiansund, the defender comically attempted an overhead kick – smashing the ball against his own arm.

The defender, famous for his lethal combination of flailing limbs and steaming gurns, certainly let his ambition get the better of him.

Fans online took no time at all revelling in Jones’ mishap.

One fan, Odnoi, wrote: “Only Phil Jones can get called for a handball on his own bicycle attempt.”

While Coles joked: “You can always rely on Phil Jones for a bit of comedy.”

Ben added: “Just witnessed Phil Jones trying an overhead kick… That guy makes me think life is definitely worth living!!”

Another Twitter user, Robert, posted: “When I read “Phil Jones overhead” in a tweet on here a few minutes ago, this is exactly how I pictured it.”



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