Physiotherapist who tricked woman into gripping his penis in test for her back pain is struck off


A PHYSIOTHERAPIST who tricked a woman into gripping his penis in a test for her back pain has been struck off.

Andrew Davidson, 30, performed the “hand-strength”’ check as the woman lay face down on a treatment table.

Physio Andrew Davidson has been struck off after tricking a woman into gripping his penis

The unnamed mum called police when she later found his DNA on her leggings.

She needed counselling after the encounter at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, East London.

Married Davidson denied assault, claiming he had put two fingers in her hands to “test her grip”.

But the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service was told: “She was sure that it was Mr Davidson’s penis. When questioned as to how she was so sure, she stated that she had been married and had three children so knew what a penis felt like.”

Davidson denied performing a sex act but could not explain the DNA find.

He was struck off the medical register for sexually motivated misconduct.

The London tribunal ruled: “His actions had a significant effect upon her.

“She lost confidence and trust in medical professionals.”

Davidson was cleared of sexual assault at crown court in 2016.


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