Home News Piers Morgan savages Boris Johnson's 'excruciating' LBC interview with Nick Ferrari

Piers Morgan savages Boris Johnson's 'excruciating' LBC interview with Nick Ferrari


Boris Johnson appeared on LBC radio on Friday morning to take questions from Nick Ferrari but failed to convince listeners with his performance, with ITV GMB host Piers Morgan slamming the Prime Minister on Twitter. Mr Morgan wrote: “This is excruciating. #boris #lbc.” Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges also lambasted the Prime Minister. He wrote: “Boris has literally just walked into this interview without any preparation at all hasn’t he.”

Others were quick to take to Twitter to comment on the poor performance from the Prime Minister. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Always the man that makes plans, always what he is going to do, not what he IS doing.

“Boris Johnson acting like an opposition leader as usual, shame he’s not able to act like a PM.”

And another: “He looks shattered, he should really step down, focus on his son and other things. Once upon a time, he have Coronavirus right?

“He has lost his witty edge and doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his dream job anymore. Sad.”

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One LBC listener added: “Boris Johnson you are a laughing stock. hope you enjoy your time at her majesty’s pleasure post inquiry.”

Others, however, defended the Prime Minister.

One wrote: “What’s wrong, Piers Morgan? Are you pissed off because he’s ignoring you?

“Or are you worried there may well be an answer to the Care Home deaths, that puts the cause outside of Boris’s fault.”

During the interview, Boris Johnson said he wants to see better black representation at the top of the Government.

“Of course we can do more and we will do more. We need to make progress and we will. I think about this a lot. It is something I want to get right. We need to reflect the country we serve,” the Prime Minister told LBC radio.

The Prime Minister was later asked for his thoughts about Extinction Rebellion’s plans for mass demonstrations in September.

Boris Johnson told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “I think they should be supporting the incredible things this Government is doing to combat climate change and if I were Extinction Rebellion I would be jumping for joy.

“Look at our plans for a green recovery, look at the amazing things we’re going to do to get this country making wind turbines, making batteries, the ambition I announced for a ‘jet zero’ – to be the first country to produce a zero-emission long-haul passenger jet.

“I mean, Extinction Rebellion should look at some of the things this Government is doing to tackle climate change and support us.”


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