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Piers Morgan's swipe at 'Prince Harry's abandonment for vacuous new life'

Piers claimed that Harry and Meghan kept “hurling themselves into the news cycle” during a “mere pandemic” in a diary extract from April.

The TV host felt that their request for a “quieter, more private life” for themselves and son Archie hadn’t matched-up with their decisions. 

He said: “They’ve now washed up in Beverly Hills, the paparazzi epicentre of the world, where they’re living in a palatial home.”

Piers believed they moved to Hollywood to “relaunch their careers as full-time celebrities” rather than to savour a life away from the press. 

His comments came before their deal to create a series for Netflix, reportedly worth up to $250million (£190million), was reported last month.

“I won’t take such ill-informed lectures from a massively privileged man who quit his family and his country to pursue a vacuous new life of pampered self-indulgence in the world’s most shallow and media-frenzied city.” 

He also defended his own journalistic approach and stated that he would not “take any orders” on how to behave from “a pair of spoiled little brats”.

In a final slam, the TV star claimed the Sussexes’ outrage over how they had been covered in the press came at a very bad time.  

Piers added: “Imagine thinking the middle of a global pandemic is the right moment to declare another war on the media?”

Piers Morgan’s Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts was published by HarperCollins this month and is available here.


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