Pig slaughtering at award winning primary school sparks fury of animal activists


A primary school has sparked outrage among animal welfare activists after revealing plans to slaughter the pet pigs kept on its farm and sell the meat to teach pupils about the food chain.

The farmyard animals, who have been reared and doted upon by adoring students as young as four at Farsley Farfield Primary in Leeds, West Yorkshire, this academic year, will soon be turned into meat products.

Critics have taken to social media to protest the plan, with one person describing it as “cruel” and “traumatising” and another saying it’s a “disgusting” idea.

The scheme is the brainchild of Peter Harris, head teacher at Farsley Farfield Primary in Leeds, West Yorks, who said his pupils will be “more knowledgeable and sensitive to animal welfare” as a result of the plan.

Other social media users have jumped to his defence, with one person saying “it’s a great idea” and another adding “it’s an important lesson to learn”.

The online petition, which has almost 2,000 signatures, was set up by an outraged former Farsley Farfield Primary student called Ix WIllow.

Writing online, she said: “My main concerns are with the well being of these pigs… and the message that we will be teaching the children at Farsley Farfield that it is okay to exploit and kill animals with the only justification being that people enjoy eating their bodies.


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