PlayStation store leaks Death Stranding info as Hideo Kojima prepares to drop new trailer


DEATH STRANDING, the mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive coming from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, is nearly ready for prime time.

A trailer is expected to drop this evening, with more details on the game expected then too.

An screenshot of Death Stranding showing Sam trudging across a Martian-looking landscape
Kojima Productions

The E3 trailer showed Sam crossing a huge range of highly-detailed landscapes, with some looking decided extra-terrestrial[/caption]

Former Bond girl Léa Seydoux looks to have a very important role to play
Kojima Productions

Shortly after a teasing live-stream started on PlayStation’s Twitch channel a pre-order page briefly appeared on the PlayStation store that offered a few fresh details on the game.

Death Stranding has been described as a sci-fi action game with online multiplayer elements.

According to the leaked page, the story centres around Sam Bridges (played by Walking Dead favourite Norman Reedus) “carrying the remnants of our future” in a “world transformed by the Death Stranding”.

The images of the page we’ve seen don’t appear to include a prospective release date, but one is expected.

To comply with consumer law in certain countries, most notably Germany, pre-orders must indicate a precise date by which the game will have come out to be allowed.

Death Stranding is listed as a purely single-player experience but according to Hideo Kojima, speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, it’s about “connection”.

“You’re very alone, there’s solitude, but you’re trying to connect. The story and the gameplay, the key word is ‘connection.’

“You’re connecting the game, and everyone is playing it together, and you’ll be connected, everyone will be connected together as well. I can’t say anything because Sony will be very unhappy. I don’t want to be disconnected from Sony,” he explained cryptically.

The level of detail in the worlds and motion-captured characters of Death Stranding is astounding
Kojima Productions
A pre-order page for the game appeared briefly on the PlayStation store
Sony | Twitter/Nibellion

But that’s just scratching the surface of the mysterious title, described on the PlayStation store as “a journey to reunite the shattered world”.

And that it features Lindsay Wagner, Léa Seydouxm Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead), Oscar-winning The Shape of Water Director Guillermo Del Toro, and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen.

The store page also revealed some garish golden items you can get if you pre-order the game.

While these may not be to everyone’s taste, they do hint at some pretty serious customisation options.

While the E3 trailer last year introduced a few characters and showed lots of different environments Sam will be travelling through, the Tokyo Game Show trailer showed off some more intense action.

A skull-faced character, a building-sized Lovecraftesque dog-creature and oily human-like figures that looked like lost souls reaching out of the River Styx certainly hinted at some deep strangeness to come.

We don’t know exactly when the trailer will drop, but Kojima revealed it would be coming out simultaneously on May 29 in Europe but May 30 in Japan.

Midnight in Tokyo is 4 p.m. in the UK, so expect it some time after that.

A mysterious live stream is going, showing hand prints either reflecting other images, or letting the viewer see through them

Death Stranding is one of several high-profile PS4 exclusive games expected for the console before the PlayStation 5 comes out.

The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima are the other big ones, but neither has a release date yet.

Sony has revealed the first details of its new console, which is expected in 2020 along with the Xbox 2.

Some experts have suggested that the rise of video-game streaming mean they could well be the last games consoles you ever need to buy.



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