Police mock drug user after man calls 999 – for help to get his stash BACK


A DRUG-TAKING reveller was so annoyed at a club’s security staff for confiscating his drug stash – he called in the police for back up.

The drugs were taken from the man in West Yorkshire (Pic: GETTY)

The man dialled 999 and urged officers to rush to the West Yorkshire venue and help him out on Saturday night.

As well as being refused entry to the venue the man had a bag of drugs taken from him.

The force’s contact management centre released the information on their Twitter page to advise people not to call the emergency line unless absolutely necessary.

The tweet said: “Male rings 999 as bouncer won’t let him in the club and they have actually confiscated his drugs which they will hand over to the police.

“He thinks it is illegal to keep his drugs from him. “Yes, he did ring 999, yes he thinks we are on route to retrieve his drugs. #Not999”

West Yorkshire Police revealed the details of the call on Sunday (Pic: Twitter)

Police have released a number of campaigns in recent years to stop nonsense calls.

They include callers in distress because their low-fuel indicator light had come on, a man calling to say his 50p coin was stuck in a washing machine at his local launderette and he wanted police to retrieve it and a man who did not have change for a parking machine claiming staff at a car park had kidnapped him because they were refusing to let him out for free.

In West Yorkshire, this weekend alone, police have had calls for an electrician, someone concerned about a water leak and someone who had had their shopping delivered a day early.

Police were sent to the scene to deal with the man (Pic: GETTY)

They tweeted: “Far too many 999 calls today and it is just children making hoax calls.

“This is preventing someone else getting through immediately who could be in a life or death situation.

“Make sure you know what your children are up to.”


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