Police upgrade Chelsea v Cardiff to top risk category amid history of clashes between fans


POLICE have upgraded Saturday’s Premier League clash between Cardiff and Chelsea to the highest risk category.

Security measures have been drummed up due to the history of violent clashes between fans of the two sides and recent pitch invasion incidents in England.

Birmingham fan Paul Mitchell is being escorted away at St Andrew’s after assaulting Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish
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The Mail report that a warning letter was sent by South Wales Police to a pub in Cardiff ahead of the game, notifying that the clash is of an increased risk.

It read: “Please be advised that the police category of the Cardiff City v Chelsea fixture has changed from a CATEGORY ‘B’ to a CATEGORY ‘C’.

“This means the “risk” of disorder associated with this fixture has now INCREASED. It is expected that around 3,000 away fans will be attending the fixture.”

The police fear violence could break out in Cardiff considering a history of clashes between fans of the two sides.

In 2010, a brawl involving more than 200 people took place outside Stamford Bridge as Cardiff travelled to London for an FA Cup tie.

It was believed to have involved two rival hooligan groups, the Chelsea Headhunters and the Soul Crew of Cardiff.

Security measures are also being boosted to limit the risk of a further pitch invading incidents, marring football games in Britain in recent weeks.

Only a couple of weeks ago a Birmingham fan assaulted Aston Villa ace Jack Grealish in a Championship game at St Andrew’s.

Attacker Paul Mitchell, 27, was sentenced to 14 weeks in jail and the club have been charged by the FA.

Arsenal have also been punished by the FA after a pitch invader was arrested at the Emirates when the Gunners beat Manchester United 2-0 on March 10.

And fans had to be tackled by stewards after sprinting onto the pitch in West Brom’s home 3-2 victory over Birmingham on Friday.

Before that they had thrown flares onto the pitch with Blues keeper Lee Camp forced to cover his face as smoke was spreading around the Hawthorns.

A fan had to be tackled by Stewards at the Hawthorns after storming onto the pitch in West Brom’s 3-2 victory over Birmingham
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