Politico: Trump Inner Circle Not Safe From Other Probes


Even if members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle end up escaping charges stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, they still won’t be in the clear, Politico is reporting.

As Mueller’s probe reportedly winds down, federal prosecutors in New York are looking into Trump’s 2016 campaign, businesses and inauguration. And dozens of hearing transcripts that could contain lies told under oath have been turned over to the Justice Department by Congress. In addition, sealed indictments sit in a federal courthouse in Washington — raising the possibility some Trump associates may already have been charged and haven’t been informed yet, Politico noted.

“If anyone in Trump world is breathing easy right now, I’d say they are very foolish,” said Shanlon Wu, a defense lawyer who previously represented Trump’s former deputy campaign chairman, Rick Gates. “Even if Mueller’s report were to appear and didn’t implicate the president, all these other criminal investigations will continue.”

Politico noted Trump remains at high risk from the multiple investigations.

“Any one of us who had so many people investigating everything you’ve ever done, you know, is in jeopardy,” said Jon Sale, a former prosecutor from the Southern District of New York 

Politico noted 17 cases filed this year in the same federal court district where others in the Mueller probe were charged remain under seal. It is unknown whether any relate to the Mueller probe.

Multiple news sources have reported that Mueller is expected to submit his report to Attorney General William Barr very soon, although it is not anticipated this week.

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