Politics live updates: Garland says he hasn't discussed Hunter Biden investigation with president

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Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland said that President Joe Biden has pledged that he would not intervene in Justice Department investigations, indicating that he expected the department would remain free from partisan political interference.

Garland pledged that Justice investigation would proceed “without regard for partisanship” or the political influence of subjects of those investigations.

“I am a strong believer in following the processes of the department,” Garland said, adding that he “respected” the authority of the department’s inspector general to investigate possible misconduct. 

— Kevin Johnson

Garland calls Capitol attack ‘most heinous’ assault on democracy

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland Monday called the Capitol attack the “most heinous” assault on American democracy.

As one of his first acts, if confirmed, Garland said he would meet with prosecutors and pledge to provide all the resources necessary to push the inquiry forward.

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