Potential chaos of No Deal will be the EU’s fault so it’s time Brussels makes Boris a better offer


It’s EUR fault

THE world should be under no illusion whose fault the potential chaos of a No Deal Brexit will be. It will be squarely down to the EU and the Irish prime minister.

Boris Johnson and the Brexit Government he has assembled have both democracy and cold logic on their side.

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The potential chaos of No Deal will be the EU’s fault so it’s time Brussels makes Boris a better offer[/caption]

The referendum verdict wasn’t specifically for a deal, or No Deal. It was just for Brexit. But the only meaningful and complete exit now possible, thanks to EU intransigence, is a clean break.

Boris would rightly prefer a deal. But Brussels seems staggeringly slow to accept that Theresa May’s is dead. It struggles even to grasp why it is toxic.

Eurocrats who cannot compute why anyone would want to leave the EU seem even more baffled that, yes, that means all of it. It’s not hard, though. The Irish backstop carries the risk that we would never escape the customs union, crippling our economic future, and thus never truly leave at all.

For three years Brussels has played hardball, convinced that like all previous inconvenient votes ours could be reversed. Failing that, the plan was to keep us permanently half-in, half-out while politically powerless to escape.

Ireland’s rookie PM Leo Varadkar championed this strategy. So it is notable, now we finally have a Government serious about No Deal, that he is being implored by some in Ireland to rethink.

No Deal will hit us and the Continent hard. Even the Europhile CBI admits that “the EU is behind the UK in its plans to prevent the worst effects”.

Ireland is likely to suffer worst. Is Varadkar ready for the political damage of the economic harm he will have inflicted on his people? It will vastly outweigh any bounce from being tough on the Brits.

Time Brussels made Boris a better offer.

Meg it stop

MEGHAN isn’t learning, is she? Her virtue-signalling Vogue is an epic ­misjudgment.

Almost every woman she featured is, like her, a fashionable leftie Trump-hater. Some, worse still, disapprove of our monarchy. You know Harry is the Queen’s grandson . . . right, Meghan?


Almost every woman Meghan featured is, like her, a fashionable leftie Trump-hater[/caption]

One of her “stars” once poked fun at the Queen’s breasts. Another said Meghan, not Prince Charles, should be Head of the Commonwealth. However did she get picked?

A woman who genuinely wants to be a Royal, championing society’s poorest, shouldn’t guest-edit a glossy mag stuffed with overpriced fashion for the world’s richest people.

And she should be non-political. Yet it is a very political act to promote, for example, the cult of Greta Thunberg, the child climate activist whose naive demands would impoverish billions.

Meghan captured our nation’s hearts at her wedding. But she seems to have fundamentally misunderstood her role in the Royal Family.

We fear she is heading for a fallout with the public which now funds her.


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