Potholes in England are 15 times deeper than the Grand Canyon when combined together, new figures reveal


“Measures like more funding for local authorities and improving the coordination between authorities and utility companies, will go some way in helping ease the burden of this ever-growing issue.”

The business group believes tighter communication better between utility companies and councils will speed-up repairs. It has also called for an improved system for reporting potholes and new technologies to monitor road conditions.

The Local Government Association, which represents councils in England and Wales, claimed there was still a funding disparity between repairs for motorways and A roads compared to local roads.

Around 43 times more is spent per mile maintaining national roads, which make up just 3% of England’s roads, than the remaining 97% of local roads which are overseen by councils, the body said.

Judith Blake, the LGA’s transport spokesman, said: “Councils are on the side of the motorist, and are doing all they can to keep our roads safe and resilient, fixing a pothole every 17 seconds.

“However, councils could do so much more if they are able to invest in looking after our country’s roads.

“While the extra one-off funding announced in recent years has helped, the upcoming Spending Round is an opportunity to provide councils with the funding they need to invest in our local roads.”


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