Pound LIVE: GBP RISING against euro and US dollar ahead of busy week for Sterling


Sterling has been subdued for much of April, but was trading up against major currencies early today.

At 9.14am UK time, the pound was trading at €1.1594 as it nudged nearer to €1.160.

Against the US dollar, Sterling was at $1.2940.

Connor Campbell, analyst at Spreadex, said the pound looks unlikely to post a major late-April recovery.

He said: “Having opened the month at $1.302, with a high just shy of $1.32 a few days later, cable now finds floating around $1.294.

“This is an improvement on last week’s sub-$1.287 lows, but a sign of investors’ waning confidence in the currency.

“Things are only marginally better against the euro, with the pound now flat on the month.

“The Halloween Brexit extension proved less to be a sterling-booster, and more a value-eroding reminder that no-one on the UK side of the equation knows what they are doing.”


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