Power cut: What to do in a power cut? How to check if your area and house is affected


A power cut is hitting large parts of the UK, causing travel chaos. Will it affect your home?

A national grid failure has plunged the capital into darkness with homes also affected as well as major train and Underground lines.

Transport for London tweeted: “Due to a large scale National Grid failure there is a power cut in the London and South East areas, meaning that some traffic lights are down. Please be very cautious on the roads!”

Will the power cut affect you at home?

The UK Power Networks have a list of current power cuts.

You may also check your postcode to see if you are currently affected by the power outage.

The website also provides a power cut map. 

You can report a power cut by calling 105. The number will put you through to your local electricity network operator, who may be able to help.

When homes lose power the best thing to do is first check with your neighbours to see if they are affected.

How can you stay safe in a power cut? EDF advise: “It’s important to stay calm if you lose power. Most power cuts don’t last very long and your network distributor will work quickly to get things working again. Here are some other things to do if your power is off for a significant amount of time:

  • keep an eye on frozen food. If it defrosts you might not be able to freeze it again
  • as long as it’s safe to do so, turn off electrical and electronic items like computers and TVs at the plug. Electricity can return in surges during a power cut and this can overload and damage electronic items
  • if you see downed power lines anywhere, stay well away from them. They could still be energised and you could get a nasty shock.”

A number of Twitter users commented on the large national power cut. One wrote: “With all these power cuts happening thought the purge had started #uk #powercut.”

Another said: “The UK is so broken that we’ve resorted to turning it off and on again. You hate to see it #powercut.”

“Pretty scary that the power outage affected so much parts of the UK at the same time,” another wrote.


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