Predatory married teacher, 33, jailed after having sex with ‘babe’ pupil, 13, in her classroom during lunch breaks


A MARRIED teacher who spent lunch breaks in her classroom having sex with a 13-year-old pupil she nicknamed Babe has been jailed.

The boy said Justine Nelson, 33, performed a sex act on him dozens of times after locking the door.

Justine Nelson, 33, has been convicted of of performing a sex act on a minor

He told her sexual abuse trial: “She was the cool teacher that everyone liked.

“If you had a bad day you could talk to her.”

But Nelson left Tenaya Middle School, Fresno, California, after the lad allegedly put nude snaps of her on social media.

Now the predator is starting a 12-month stretch behind bars for oral copulation in her classroom.

The mum must also register as a sex offender for life, Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan told her sentencing hearing on Thursday: “Parents entrust their children to teachers to guide them “Not to prey on them and corrupt them.” Prosecutor Liz Owen branded Nelson’s conduct as shameful.


“A school teacher who has poor boundaries may let the kids run wild in her class,” she said. “But a school teacher who orally copulates a student is a sex offender.”

Nelson, who was also put on four years’ probation, told the court: “I am sorry for what happened and I apologise to everyone, my family, the students who looked up to me, my husband and everyone involved.

The married teacher performed explicit acts with the pupil on multiple occasions during lunch breaks

“I am very sorry.”

Nelson was convicted on the oral copulation charge, but found not guilty of the more serious charge of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor.

She and her unnamed husband, who worked at the same school as a PE teacher, are getting divorced, her lawyer Roger Nuttall revealed.

Nelson also recently gave a baby up for adoption after it was born “out of wedlock.” Her two-month relationship with the pupil started with texts, he testified at her trial.

“She texted I was cute and wanted me to kiss her,” he said.

“I was shocked; I didn’t know what to do.” He and Nelson first became intimate when he was 13, he said.

The pair would spend their lunch together in her classroom with the door locked “During lunch or whatever I would go to her classroom and she would tell other kids to not come in so we could be alone,” he told Fresno County Superior Court.

She even covered for him when he was late for lessons after they had sex, he added. “I was late to class so she wrote me a pass,” the youngster said.

Nelson’s pet names for him included “boo, honey and babe,” according to a bundle of Instagram messages between the pair.

And she repeatedly reminded him: “Oh god, don’t tell anyone we talk,” said prosecutor Ms Owen.

The student pleaded for nude photos of her and Nelson dropped her head slightly as the jury was shown one of her in an open shirt with her breasts exposed.

Her victim was just 13 years old when the relationship began

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