Pregnant woman horrified after finding her KFC chicken drumstick was GREEN inside


A PREGNANT woman was horrified to split open a chicken drumstick from KFC and find that it was green inside.

Chanelle Jackson had ordered two Mighty Buckets for One for herself and her family from a KFC drive-thru in Lakeside, Scunthorpe.

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Chanelle Jackson bought a meal from KFC for herself and her family[/caption]

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She had ordered a meal from a branch of the chain in Lakeside, Scunthorpe[/caption]

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She noticed the colour when she pulled the chicken apart to share it with her 15-month-old daughter[/caption]

But as she began to pull apart a drumstick to share with her 15-month-0ld daughter, she noticed that the flesh inside was not as she’d expected.

“As soon as I looked inside, I knew it wasn’t right,” Jackson said.

Luckily I’d not taken a bite of it yet though.”

“I’m not sure why it was that colour, but I knew I didn’t want to eat it, especially as I am 30 weeks pregnant.

“I was going to share it with my 15-month-old daughter as they had run out of popcorn chicken, and I don’t know what would have happened if she had eaten it.

“We checked the rest of the chicken, but it was the only piece that had that colour.”

Jackson was in the car with daughter Lilliarna and partner Craig when she began the meal.

She quickly returned to the branch where she had bought the chicken to show it to staff, who she said shared her reaction to it.

She quoted them as having said: “Oh God…”

Jackson was given some replacement food but found that her appetite had gone.

“I didn’t want to eat much after that, and we left a lot of the chicken,” she said.

“We were looking online to try and find out why it could be that colour, and found a lot of worrying things.

“I think I’ll probably be avoiding KFC for a while after this.”

But KFC said the colour change was not unheard of and that it did not present health risks to customers.

A spokesman for the fast food giant said: “We’ve looked into this and whilst it’s clearly not nice to see, it’s completely harmless and occasionally comes as a result of dealing with fresh chicken.

“That said, we’re sorry for Chanelle’s experience and immediately offered her a refund when our team members found out.”

The Mighty Bucket that Chanelle ordered includes two pieces of Original Recipe chicken, two mini fillets, and a pair of spicy hot wings.

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