Home News Prince Andrew warning: Royal's 'silence' over Epstein condemned as 'torture for victims'

Prince Andrew warning: Royal's 'silence' over Epstein condemned as 'torture for victims'


The lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims Gloria Allred has demanded Prince Andrew come forward and speak to US authorities about his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. There is mounting pressure on the controversial royal after his friend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and perjury as part of the FBI’s inquiry into disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Gloria Allred, who represents the alleged victims of Mr Epstein, said Prince Andrew’s silence on the case was “torturing the victims”.

US attorney Audrey Strauss said she would “welcome” talks with the Duke of York following the arrest of Ms Maxwell.

Ms Allred said: “Strauss is being very diplomatic there.

“Prince Andrew needs to come forward and help with justice now.

“The FBI really want to speak with Prince Andrew, and so far he has been avoiding and evading and not providing his statement.”

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She continued: “Ms Maxwell, who was a close friend of Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein is now in custody and facing very serious felony charges, that would, if convicted, send her to prison for more than 30 years.

“The question is when will Prince Andrew tell what he knows?

“He needs to do that, it is so traumatising for the victims not to know the truth.

“This kind of torture test that Prince Andrew is subjecting the victims to, the will he or won’t he give a statement, more excuses, more delays.

The Duke’s legal team has repeatedly said that Prince Andrew has made three separate offers this year to give a witness statement.

Prince Andrew faces accusations from Virginia Giuffre, who has claimed she was forced to have sex with him at Ms Maxwell’s home in London when she was 17.

Prince Andrew has always categorically denied any wrongdoing.

Ghislaine Maxwell has also previously denied any involvement in or knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual misconduct.


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