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Prince Philip health: Duke's 'impressive' secret to long life as centenary nears revealed


Prince Philip celebrated his 99th birthday in lockdown with the Queen at Windsor Castle, where the pair are isolating amid the pandemic. The Duke of Edinburgh is now officially the third oldest royal in British history after the Queen Mother at 101 and the Queen’s aunt, Princess Alice, at 102. Royal Rota podcast hosts Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson noted that the royal looked “incredible” in a new picture released to mark the occasion.

Ms Robinson told listeners: “It’s the first time we’ve seen Prince Philip after he was released from hospital on Christmas Eve after a four-night stay.

“At 99, I think he looks incredible. He’s ramrod straight, very smartly dressed, standing in the sunshine at Windsor Castle.

“It’s a great picture for the album.”

The ITV royal commentators revealed that there was a secret to the Duke’s old age.

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Mr Ship said: “Being 99 doesn’t stop you from doing things, and we learnt a very interesting fact about how the Duke keeps himself so fit this week.

“This is possibly one of my favourite facts of the week.

“We did an interview with Phil Dampier, who has written books on Prince Philip.

“He told us that one of the ways the Duke stays so fit is that everyday he does Canadian Airforce exercises, which he’s still doing at 99.”

The biographer added: “He gave up smoking on the eve of his wedding to the Queen, doesn’t drink very much, eats extremely well.

“Eat little and often is the philosophy of both of them and that’s how they keep fit.”

Ms Robinson told podcast listeners: “The Duke’s creeping towards a hundred, not there yet, but the Palace thought it was worthy of marking with a photograph.

“99 years of age, 72 years of marriage and 68 years as the longest serving consort to the Queen. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

“They just keep notching up these new records. the pair of them.”


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