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Prince William and Prince Charles's new photo reveals key detail about their bond


The photograph, which was captured by the Duchess of Cambridge, was taken last December on the Sandringham estates

The royal account tweeted the image in a nod to Father’s day, alongside one of the Duchess with her father.

Kate, who is now an accomplished photographer, has recorded royal life with her photographs throughout the last year.

From the informal takes to intimate family moments, the Duchess has captured some wonderful images.

The photograph between the two princes shows William in a flat cap and Charles in a checked jacket and tie, with Prince Charles affectionately resting on his son’s shoulder.

It is suggested from royal experts that the photograph gives a unique insight into the relationship the two share.

Kate’s image demonstrates how the father and son relationship has developed in recent years.

A family friend revealed that the decision to circulate the image shows how Charles has changed.

The family friend said: “He looks positively doting, he loves the picture and was happy for others to see it.”

Charles has been vocal with royal representatives in the past about wanting to spend more time with his sons.

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He said: “I would like him to have more time with the children… to, you know, play around with the grandchildren.

“When he’s there, he’s brilliant, but we need him there as much as possible.”

It is believed that Charles has acted upon William’s words.

Friends close to the Prince reveal that Charles often visits the Cambridges.

For the Prince of Wales, the bond is a relief as the Prince hasn’t always shared a close relationship with his son.

The death of William’s mother Princess Diana and the impact of Charles’ ongoing relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles complicated matters between the two princes.

The source said: “It’s no secret that Charles and his son have had ups and downs in the past, but the relationship today is very solid and strong,

“It is built on love, affection and respect.”

They are on the same wavelength these days and when Charles talks about William in public, it is with great pride.

They will both be kings one day—and William’s oldest son will be king—and that is something that connects them and has brought them closer in recent years.”


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