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Princess Beatrice snub: Title to be made EXTINCT instead of going to Bea


Princess Beatrice, 31, is the eldest child of the Duke and Duchess of York, and sister to Princess Eugenie. The two York sisters are granddaughters of the Queen, and thanks to their father have Princely titles. However, their gender may deny both of them the chance to collate any further titles from his status.

The Royal Family’s current line of succession guarantees the next two monarchs are men, with Prince Charles next and Prince William eventually following.

While both men will eventually take their perch on the throne, the monarchy isn’t limited by gender, instead by age.

Titles are limited by sex, however, as only male heirs can take one from their honoured father.

The fact means Prince Andrew’s status as the Duke of York may seem under threat, as he has no male heir to pass it to when he dies.

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If Prince William is on the throne, there is a chance Prince George will have already adopted a litany of titles, potentially ruling him out of the Duchy of York and Making Louis the natural choice.

Princess Charlotte’s gender would mean she couldn’t take it on, but she would likely inherit the honour of Princess Royal.

The immediate future of the Duchy of York remains uncertain for the time being, but the one certainty is it wouldn’t go to Princess Beatrice.

However, she may not go her entire life without a second title, as she could gain one via marriage.

When she eventually marries her fiancee Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, she could inherit the “Noble Donna” or “Contessa” titles according to Tatler.

The Italian businessman’s father is Count Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi, an aristocrat in his homeland.

His status makes Edoardo effectively a count himself, and a future spouse of his would be entitled to the same treatment.

They may also take Count Mapelli Mozzi’s villa in Bergamo, located in northern Italy on the outskirts of Milan.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Count said the couple’s children would take on titles as well.

He told the publication: “I’ve never seen him so happy.

“Edoardo is the only male descendent taking the family into the next generation.

“He is a count – his wife will be a countess automatically and any of their children will be counts or nobile donna.”


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