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Princess Beatrice to pick a date ‘early as possible’ to reschedule wedding


It was a gorgeous sunny day in Britain yesterday, as Princess Beatrice and her fiancé were due to wed at St James Palace, after getting engaged back in September 2019. Instead, it is likely that the couple spent the day at home mourning the loss of her special day, as the Duchess and Edo are reportedly in lockdown together in the Cotswolds.

Back in March, a statement from Buckingham palace announced that owing to the current unprecedented circumstance, the wedding plans were currently “under review.”

The couple initially thought they might possibly be able to still get married on the day or hold just a small ceremony for their closest friends and family.

The statement read: ”Beatrice and Mr Mapelli Mozzi are very much looking forward to getting married but are equally aware of the need to avoid undertaking any unnecessary risks in the current circumstances.”

However as lockdown restrictions were tightened, it became clear that the wedding would not go ahead.

Many couples across the globe have faced the same painful decision, of cancelling their wedding days.

Back in April, a spokesperson told People magazine: “There are no plans to switch venues or hold a bigger wedding.

“They aren’t even thinking about their wedding at this time. There will come a time to rearrange, but that’s not yet.”

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Looking at other royal engagements, most couples have got married within 6 to 10 months of a proposal.

Beatrice and Edoardo would have been engaged for eight months before they wed if it had gone ahead.

Some couples have decided to push their wedding date to exactly a year later so that they can ensure their nuptials will go ahead.

It came as many had previously thought the princess was self-isolating with Edoardo in London at her home in St James Palace.

However, it was revealed last week that she has escaped to the picturesque Cotswolds.

Sarah Ferguson confirmed that the engaged couple had gone to stay at Edoardo’s mother’s £1.5 million country house near Chipping Norton.

Speaking on X factor winner and good friend Darlton Harris’ podcast, City Island Podcast, the former Ms Ferguson confessed sadness at her daughter’s postponed wedding plans.

She said: “It’s sad for me that Beatrice, she was going to get married next week, but they postponed the wedding.

“Edo and Beatrice have been living with her future mother-in-law who is lovely. Great friend of mine.

“But I’m missing my other daughter but it’s just like everybody else, we are just the same family as everybody else.


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