Princess Diana admitted she had a ‘terrible row’ with Prince Charles about his stag do – just days before their royal wedding


PRINCESS Diana confessed she had a “terrible row” with Prince Charles about his stag do – just days before the married in 1981.

Appearing on the Channel 5 documentary Charles and Di: The Truth Behind Their Wedding, journalist John Edwards revealed how he’d overheard Princess Diana make the comments during a Buckingham Palace garden party.

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Princess Diana told guests at a Buckingham Palace garden that she’d had a ‘terrible row’ with Prince Charles about his stag do in 1981[/caption]

Recalling how all the guests at the event had lined up to greet the royal couple, John recalled: “There was a great humour about, an interest in the people she was talking to.

“She stopped right in front of me, we were only a few foot apart, and somebody said to her ‘good luck darling’.”

It was at this point that Diana gave the guest an unexpected insight into her relationship with Prince Charles ahead of their wedding.

After thanking the guest for her well wishes, John said: “Then she put her hand over her mouth and she said ‘there was a terrible row last night between Charles and me. It had been his stag party.”

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The royal couple wed in 1981[/caption]

He added: “In that girly way of hers she repeated it. What the row was about she didn’t go on.”

The journalist reported the story for the Daily Mirror the next day and wrote that Prince Charles had been “very cross” with his future wife over the matter.

Although Diana tried to make light of the disagreement with the guests, John wrote at the time: “The Prince preferred to talk about the weather.”

The documentary also revealed that Princess Diana was allowed to invite only 100 people to her Westminister Abbey wedding – despite the fact that over 2,000 guests were present.

Charles and Di: The Truth Behind Their Wedding airs tonight on Channel 5 at 8pm.

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