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Princess Diana heartbreak: Brutal birthday choice left Princess 'insecure and inferior'


The couple endured one of the world’s most high profile relationships, but allegations of infidelity on both sides plagued the Prince and Princess of Wales time together. They married back in 1981, but less than a decade later they announced the end of their relationship. By 1996, a year before Diana tragically died in a Paris car crash, the pair officially divorced.

But while their relationship played out in front of millions across the globe, Diana was left to try and cope with the pressures of marriage and the Royal Family.

Andrew Morton, who authored the 1992 book ‘Diana: Her True Story’, recalled how friends of Diana were concerned for her, especially the way in which she was treated by Charles.

He explained that Diana felt “ignored everywhere she went” when with Charles, and that the Princess would also snap back with her own refusals.

Mr Morton said: “Diana would, for example, never contemplate making any input into any of his special interests such as architecture, the environment or agriculture.

“Painful experience tells her that any suggestions would be treated with ill-disguised contempt.

“‘He makes her feel intellectually insecure and inferior and constantly reinforces that message,’ notes a close friend.

“When Charles took his wife to see A Woman of No Importance when he celebrated his 43rd birthday, the irony was not lost on her friends.”

After marrying in the Eighties, Charles and Diana would have two children – Prince William and Harry.

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Across the Commonwealth events were held to coincide with the special day.

Ahead of her marriage to Charles, Mr Morton also claimed that Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes reacted with “envy” and “concern”.

Their divorce was followed by a similar breakdown in marriage by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew.

The Yorks’ wedding was watched by around 500 million people worldwide, sparking media adulation over in the US, with the Duchess’ effect on the Royal Family dubbed ‘Fergie Fever’ by the New York Times.


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