Princess Diana to ‘VISIT Meghan Markle at birth of royal baby’


The “People’s Princess” has “contacted” The Psychic Twins, with the royal tot due any day now.

She has apparently told how she will “be an angel on Meghan Markle’s shoulders” at the birth of her and Prince Harry’s baby.

The twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, say Diana told them: “This baby will be a true blessing to you, Harry and Meghan.

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(Pic: GETTY)

(Pic: GETTY)

“I am beyond thrilled, and I will be visiting you during and after the birth.

“Know that, as I’ve said before, I am an angel on your shoulders.

“I have been praying for you both to be able to bring this precious soul into the world.

(Pic: GETTY)

(Pic: GETTY)

“To be honest, I knew it would be very soon.

But as wild as the comments sound, her words to the Psychic Twins have rung true before.

The twins say she jaw-droopingly told them she would appear at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding in the form of a butterfly.

(Pic: GETTY)

(Pic: GETTY)

But then royal fans were left gobsmacked when a fly was actually spotted on live TV buzzing around Meghan’s face at the altar.

However, Meghan is not believed to be making an appearance straight after her birth as she is said to be having a home birth.

And Buckingham Palace recently announced that Meghan and Harry will share the news of the birth only after they have had the chance to celebrate “privately”.

(Pic: GETTY)


The stunning claims of Diana’s “appearance” at the birth come after she delivered Meghan a warning ahead of becoming a mother.

The grandma-to-be apparently also predicted whether or not Meghan will have twins, what he or she will be like as a person, and who the baby will especially grow “very close” to.


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