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Princess Diana’s ‘haunting’ last phone call with Harry and William


Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Diana’s death. She died in a tragic car accident in Paris, France in 1997. In a 2017 documentary called Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, Harry and William discussed the last impact their mums death had on them.

In the documentary, the brothers spoke about their regrets about their final phone call with Diana.

Harry confessed it is something he will regret “for the rest of my life”.

The princes were just 15 and 12 when she died, and were staying at the Royal Family’s Balmoral estate in Scotland when they got what ended up being the last phone call from her.

The young royals rushed off of the phone call at the time.

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William spoke first in the ITV documentary, and disclosed his final memories of his mother.

He said: “The very last memory that I have is a phone call [at] Balmoral.

“At the time Harry and I were running around minding our own business, playing with our cousins and having a very good time.

“I think Harry and I were just in a desperate rush to say goodbye.

“You know, see you later and we’re going to go off.”

The Duke of Cambridge added he wished he knew he wasn’t going to talk to his mother again.

He also said: “If I’d known now obviously what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have been so blasé about it.

“That phone call sticks in my mind quite heavily.”

William was asked if he remembered specific details about the phone call, to which he said: “I do.”

But the Duke refused to divulge anymore information.

Harry also spoke about the phone call, and remembered William telling him, “Harry, Harry, mummy’s on the phone”.

He then said: “Right my turn, off I go, you know, pick up the phone.

“It was her speaking from Paris. I can’t really necessarily remember what I said, but all I do remember is regretting for the rest of my life how short the phone call was.”

He also agreed with his brother on how he would have handled the call differently if he could, and added: “If I’d known that that was the last time … the things I would have said to her.”

Since then, Harry and William have agreed to split Diana’s memorial fund between their two charitable endeavours.

In 2013, the Royal Foundation took control of the charity to “safeguard both the Fund’s name and any future income donated to the Fund once its operations had ceased”.

After Harry and Meghan Markle’s step back from the Royal Family this year, they have left the foundation in order to from Archewell.

Documents from the Royal Foundation revealed Harry’s share “of the net income will instead be donated to another charity of The Duke of Sussex’s choosing”, instead of the now defunct SussexRoyal charity.


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