Prominent jailed Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul 'offered release in return for denying torture'


Some of the imprisoned activists testified before a judge in Riyadh in March to being physically and sexually abused in prison.

The testimony matched claims made by Human Rights Watch, which reported that some of the women were sexually assaulted, waterboarded and made to hang for long periods of time from the ceiling.

Loujain, the most prominent of the arrested activists for her long-time campaigning for the right for women to drive and the end of male guardianship in the ultra-conservative kingdom, did not appear in court.

Loujain’s two sisters and brother, who all live outside of Saudi, have become vocal campaigners for her cause. 

Another sister, Alia, tweeted that she should accept the offer.

“Deny what happened even if you have to record it on camera,” she wrote. “What is important is that you are with us, I miss you.”


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