Property for sale? Sellers should do this one simple thing to help achieve asking price


Property sellers are always looking to achieve their desired asking price or more, in order to max out the profit from their home. Yet due to the uncertainty of Brexit – which will see the UK leave the EU on October 31 – and questions over a deal or no deal exit, the market has struggled. This is in addition to the already fluctuating asking fees and rates which are seeing some sellers unable to seek out buyers. Yet experts from have told of a specific simple trick buyers can employ.

They have suggested buyers pay extra care and take note of the security of a property they come to view.

Therefore if a home visually appears more secure, it may be more likely to sell.

The expert said: “Don’t underestimate visual security.

“This could be something as simple as adding a chain or an extra lock on the front door, ensuring all the windows have locks and keys, or installing an alarm outside the property.

“Visible security features will make a potential buyer feel more secure, and more likely to warm to the place.”

Meanwhile, still hammering home the importance of presentation in achieving an asking price, they specified a wider home spruce up could be in order.

They stated of the home on the market: “Ensure it’s nicely decorated.

“Some potential buyers may not be able to visualise how a room could look, and it’s important to do all you can to help them.

“Making sure all rooms are decorated and fully furnished will be more appealing to viewers and therefore more likely that they will put in an offer.” previously reported how Britons should sell their homes after a particular date to avoid losing money during the Brexit chaos.

The same website recommended sellers wait until after the October 31 departure date from the EU.

They state: “With Brexit’s D-Day prolonged until 31 October, the future of the market and our economy will be revealed on Halloween (hopefully, not a fitting date).

“Whether we receive a full deal, or a no deal Brexit, the clarity is sure to increase potential sale prices.

“Uncertainty leads to reluctance – knowing what kind of Brexit we have will loosen the market.”

They added: “Whether it’s a no-deal or deal Brexit, houses will continue to be bought and sold. In the worst-case scenario, it may not be business as usual initially, but the market will steady over time.”


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