Property for sale? This simple tip can boost the value of your home by £60,000


When trying to sell a property, most people want to get the best fee possible for their home. To get a good price, there are a few simple changes sellers can do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Renovating the garden can boost the value of a property by 20 per cent, or a whopping £60,000, according to experts at The Greenhouse People. Making small changes to the garden with help potential buyers see the potential of it without being too bold.

Creating different zones in the garden can make buyers visualise how they will use it, the experts revealed.

They said: “A thoughtfully designed garden which mirrors the style and décor of your house will attract the right attention and give a sense of extra space.

“If your garden is overly wide or long, consider breaking it down into distinct areas.

“Create clear zones using different materials and textures, keeping a good amount of lawn alongside a decked or paved area for relaxing and entertaining, flower bed borders and a growing area with raised beds or a greenhouse.”

For those who don’t have a garage, adding in a shed can make the property more desirable.

“A shed is the best option, tucked away in a corner away from your entertaining space,” they added.

“If you already have one, make sure it looks cared for with no broken windows and a fresh lick of paint.”

Garden features are sure to turn the heads of viewers and investing in these can help make the garden stand out.

The experts said: “If you’re moving, you probably don’t want to over-invest in garden features which you can’t take with you, so cheaper things like a fire pit, bird bath, pergola, or an olive or bay tree will entice viewers without such a high price tag.”

Privacy is another thing which is very important to most buyers and there are some steps which can be taken to block out prying eyes.

They explained: “A wooden or bamboo screen or trellis is perfect to close any gaps where foliage or trees may be missing, which climbers such as wisteria, clematis and ivy can wrap themselves around over time to create a ‘green border’.

“This will add privacy and make it harder for intruders to get into your garden too.

“You can also make your garden feel more secure by installing outdoor lighting features, particularly ones which are motion sensitive.”


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