Public don’t care who in Westminster leaked the Government’s Huawei 5G decision


WHO cares who leaked the Government’s Huawei decision?

No one outside the Westminster bubble.

This fuss over the Huawei leak smacks of a Government with nothing better to do, what with Brexit stalled

The fact is it has done us a favour.

Letting a tech giant linked to the ­Chinese state build our new 5G network — in defiance of our vital “Five Eyes” security allies — is a mistake the public has a right to know about.

True, National Security Council meetings should not leak. But it’s not the first time. And no damage has been done.

The frenzied hunt to expose the mole is absurd. It smacks of a Government with nothing better to do, what with Brexit stalled.

And we don’t recall this hysteria when Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill’s “secret” dire warnings about a No Deal exit were handed to a newspaper.

Funny, that.


Trump chumps

IT won’t bother Donald Trump one bit that political pygmies like Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable are dodging the Queen’s State banquet in his honour. Why would it?

Both John Bercow and Jeremy Corbyn are refusing to attend the Queen’s state banquet in honour of Donald Trump
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Their childish protest is just what we would expect from two old lefties ­lacking the statesmanlike wisdom to separate the man from his office.

Labour’s leader accused the President of “racist rhetoric”. Is he really unaware that when you are yourself an anti- semitic racist who calls Hamas’s ­murderers “friends” you cannot look down on the leader of the free world from the moral high ground?

More troubling, though, is the outrageous snub by Commons Speaker John Bercow. Here is the supposedly impartial lynchpin of our democracy, publicly insulting our Queen and our No1 ally.

Bercow’s personal views ought to be irrelevant. Yet, as with Brexit, he abuses his authority in order to impose them.

For too long he has disgraced his historic position. This is a new low for which he deserves to lose it.


Party of hate

NEVER doubt that Jew-hatred goes to the top of the Labour Party, to Corbyn himself.

Some lefties still claim the antisemites are just a few bad apples – rubbish
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Four years ago he appointed as his chief aide the Stalinist millionaire ­Seumas Milne, now caught furthering the conspiracy theory that IS were somehow in league with Israel.

It is a classic antisemitic smear for which Labour, for appearances’ sake, might these days boot you out. Milne said it in 2015, in Corbyn’s presence. Months later Corbyn picked him to help run Her Majesty’s Opposition.

Angry Labour MP Wes Streeting attacked “crackpot conspiracy theorists” for having “no place in parties that aspire to govern”. He then continued his campaign to put them in power.

Some lefties still claim the antisemites are just a few bad apples. Rubbish.

They are legion, inspired by a leadership which rotted Labour from the head down.



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