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Queen devastated: Monarch to be kept apart from Kate and William's beloved children


The Queen will be unable to visit her grandchildren for the foreseeable future according to a royal expert. In a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus, the UK Government this week announced that in England people should not convene in groups larger than six. While on the Royal Rota show royal expert Chris Ship noted that this would mean that the Queen and Prince Philip would not be able to visit Prince William and Kate to see their grandchildren at the same time.

He added it was important the Royal Family were seen to be following the guidance from the Government despite attempting to get back to normality.

Mr Ship said: “The Scottish Government said today, just as the English Government said the other day, they are limiting gatherings to a maximum of six people.

“We basically worked out that the Queen and Prince Philip cannot go and visit William and Kate and all their children because that would make seven.

“William and Kate have three kids, and then the Queen and Philip make seven.

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Mr Ship noted that despite the Royal Family attempting to get back to their duties, some coronavirus measures make it more difficult.

He added: “These kind of things are suddenly more difficult and the Royal Family has to lead by example.

“So gatherings of more than six just is not going to happen.”

Royal Rota host Lizzie Robinson reflected on the time the Queen and Prince Philip have been spending together over the last few months.

Mr Ship then joked Prince Philip and the Queen may be getting on each other’s nerves like other married couples.

He said: “As a lot of husband and wives will tell you it is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a more challenging thing.

“We presume that the Queen and Prince Philip must have been getting on very well to continue being with one another.

“I suppose this is really going to be a home and office thing, the home is Windsor Castle and the office is Buckingham Palace.”


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