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Queen Elizabeth II's bed took 700 hours to make and cost more than £100,000

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is reported to have spent more than £100,000 on a bed a new study by Mattress Next Day (https://www.mattressnextday.co.uk/) has found. The Queen’s bespoke bed is made of luxury materials including cashmere and horsehair and saw the royal spend more than Jay Z and Beyonce on sleeping arrangements according to the study.

The Queen’s packed schedule makes getting a good night’s sleep essential and her luxury bed is truly fit for a Queen.

New research into celebrity sleeping habits found the Queen had the third most costly bed out of seven celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

MattressNextDay compiled extensive research to reveal what seven of the world’s most famous figures celebrities spent on their beds.

The only celebrities found to have spent more than the Queen where Kim and Kanye and musician Drake.

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6.) Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel also purchased a bed from Savior. At 11 years old, his first pay-check was £246,763 so buying a bed at this price would seem like pocket money to him.

Cost: £13,121

7.) Serena Williams


The ‘PranaSleep’ mattress keeps your spine in a natural position, due to its fabric which was originally developed by NASA. It also absorbs excess body heat to stop sweating from happening.

Cost: £7,138


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