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Queen Elizabeth II’s bizarre food rules exposed by former chef – ‘Don’t want this again!'


Mr McGrady revealed a number of the Queen’s rules when it comes to dining, including how she ate burgers and the way she gave feedback on the dishes. The former royal chef said the Queen would eat burgers without buns and with a knife and fork.

In the interview with Insider magazine, Mr McGrady revealed how the Royal Family would make their own burgers at Balmoral castle.

He said: “They would shoot deer, and we would do venison burgers.

“There’d be gorgeous cranberry and everything stuffed into them, but we never set buns out.”

“They would have burgers, but not the buns.

“So they would eat it with their knife and fork

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Mr McGrady went on to explain why the Queen wouldn’t eat a burger with a bun.

He said: “Her Majesty’s Victorian upbringing dictates that the only thing you would pick up and eat with your fingers is afternoon tea.”

In the interview, he also expanded on previous claims the Royal Family never ate pizza.

The former chef explained Buckingham Palace menus were “very traditional French”.

Mr McGrady also revealed to Sydney’s KIIS 106.5FM how the Queen would tell her royal chefs if she didn’t like the food.

He said the Queen never sent back a meal to the kitchen, and instead would leave a note.

He added: “She had a little notebook on her desk and she would just put a note in there saying ‘I don’t want this again’ or something like that.”

He also revealed some of her favourite foods were dark chocolate and game.

The Queen’s love of chocolate has been well documented, with the monarch receiving a special Easter surprise each year.

North London chocolatier Prestat holds a rare Royal Warrant, and custom makes Easter eggs for the Queen.

Bill Keeling, co-owner of Prestat, explained to The Telegraph the handmade egg is packed with “different surprises each year”.

He said: “It’s always with a sense of trepidation that the great egg is sent off to the palace, and we always hope it receives a royal welcome.”


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