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Queen Elizabeth II's SECRET Facebook page exposed as monarch, 94, is using social media


The Queen, 94, is said to have a secret Facebook page which she uses to keep in touch with members of the Royal Family. The monarch also reportedly uses Zoom to speak to family while self-isolating at Windsor Castle. Royal historian Marlene Koenig revealed that the Royal Family also keep in touch over the popular messaging tool, WhatsApp.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ms Koenig said: “I read that the Queen has a secret Facebook page to keep up with her family.

“Members of the Royal Family use WhatsApp to communicate.”

She added: “The Queen works very well with Prime Ministers so, there is a political change in the UK.

“She’s watched the UK slip away from its organised position in Europe.

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“I think the monarchy is fine, I think it will be different when Charles is King but the focus will be on the Cambridges.”

The revelation comes as royal commentators Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito praised the Queen for her first video call engagements.

They revealed that her daughter, Princess Anne, helps the Queen use technology.

Anne, much like many children, was on standby to aid the Queen with any technical issues.

“I also really like being able to see the Queen’s set up.”

Ms Fiorito went on to praise the Queen for her incredible spirit and comforting nature as she ages as the head Monarch.

She added: “There is just something so comforting every time we see her, I don’t know what it is.

“She seems like as she ages, she is not aging to me, the Queen is still just this voice of duty and all of the things she stands for.”


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