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Queen Elizabeth shaves time off London Bridge hero’s prison sentence

The convicted murderer who fought off the London Bridge terrorist with a narwhal tusk will see an early prison release, thanks to Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty has granted Steven Gallant, 42, the royal prerogative of mercy, an order that reduced the murder sentence he was serving when he helped thwart the terror attack, the Evening Standard reported.

The order knocked 10 months off his 17-year sentence and will allow him to seek parole in June.

The Ministry of Justice said the Queen was advised to grant the pardon as a result of Gallant’s “exceptionally brave actions,” the Mirror reported.

Gallant has been serving time for the murder of firefighter Barrie Jackson, who was beaten to death outside a pub in 2005.

But Jackson’s family said they backed the Queen’s order due to Gallant’s heroic efforts during the fatal attack last November.

“I have mixed emotions, but what happened at London Bridge goes to show the reality that people can change,” Jackson’s son, Jack, told The Mirror.

Gallant was at a conference to rehabilitate prisoners when the fatal attack took place in the Fishmongers’ Hall next to London Bridge.

He was among a group that ran out to intervene when Usman Khan, a convicted terrorist on parole, launched a stabbing spree that killed two people.

Footage showed Gallant trying to subdue him with a narwal tusk from the wall of the historic building before cops shot Khan dead.

Gallant later said in a statement that he “didn’t hesitate” to pursue the deranged attacker.

“I could tell something was wrong and had to help,” he said. “I saw injured people. Khan was stood [sic] in the foyer with two large knives in his hands. He was a clear danger to all.”


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