Queen 'WON'T strip Prince Harry royal status' as fears it may set 'intolerable precedent'

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But while nearly half of Britons feel Harry should lose his place in the line of succession, a constitutional expert has claimed it is highly unlikely.

Asked if Harry could be stripped of his spot in the line of succession, constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne told Express.co.uk: “Something of a tradition has emerged relating to monarchical ‘stories of the day’.

“Those with whatever interest in them are whipped up into a storm (usually in a teacup), temperatures are taken, action is called for – often radical, time passes, and then a new story is found and the cycle begins again, with the previous story being forgotten.”

According to Mr MacMarthanne, removing Harry from the line of succession would create an “intolerable precedent” and that it was “easier said than done.”

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