Race to rescue 183 passengers left stranded on train since SUNDAY after it struck a downed tree as they start to run out of food and water


THE Race is on to rescue 183 passengers stranded on a train since SUNDAY after it struck a downed tree.

Passengers aboard the Amtrak train stalled in Oregon are reportedly running out of food and water after almost two days stuck in the snow.

A stock image shows the kind of train the 183 passengers are stuck aboard

The Coast Starlight train left Seattle on Sunday at 9.45am and was due to arrive in Los Angeles on Monday at 9pm, but got stuck after hitting a downed tree in Oakridge, Oregon, around eight hours into the 35-hour journey.

It brought the train to a screeching halt in a rural part of the track where the snow is four feet deep.

The train had been there since around 6.30pm on Sunday night and workers only managed to free it on Tuesday morning after an all-night effort.

It is now headed to Eugene, Oregon, but a passenger on-board told CNN progress was still incredibly slow.

We’re hobbling along VERY slowly.

Emilie Wyrick

Emilie Wyrick told the American news outlet: “We’re hobbling along VERY slowly.

“We’ll move for a few hundred yards, then we stop. It’s going to be like this for hours.”

Wyrick said that because of power outages staff had to manually switch every signal to ensure the train and any cars that may be crossing are all safe.

Another passenger posted an image of her breakfast – which consisted of cookies, pretzels and club soda.


The New York Post reported that desperate parents resorted to using kitchen cloth and safety pins to create makeshift diapers.

Images taken inside the carriages show passengers huddling together and sleeping under their coats while they waited to be rescued.

Families with young children were given sleeper cabins for free but there are not enough beds for everyone.

There was a snow storm in the area on Sunday which caused widespread power outages and because there are only two small hotels nearby, Amtrak has said it is safer for the passengers to remain onboard where they have electricity.

Passenger Rebekah Dodson told KTVL in the midst of the chaos: “We can’t get off the train because there’s four feet of snow in every direction. There’s nowhere to go.”

“It’s been difficult to keep people’s panic down and morale up because we have no idea when we’re getting off.”

The railroad says it will contact passengers to provide refunds and other compensation.

Some passengers were able to see the funny side and posted pictures online
Facebook / Rebekah Dodson
An image on social media shows the deep snow that the train was stuck in
Facebook / Rebekah Dodson

Facebook / Rebekah Dodson

Passengers had very little to distract them, with many opting to watch the world outside the window as the hours ticked by[/caption]

Weather conditions on the track were bitterly cold, but thankfully the train did have electricity
Facebook / Rebekah Dodson
Most passengers did not have a bed, with most simply stuck in their train seats
Facebook / Rebekah Dodson
Those that could find a place to settle down caught a little kip on the train

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