Rachael Bland’s son Freddie, 3, doesn’t understand his mum is dead and still talks about her in present tense


RACHAEL Bland’s three-year-old son Freddie doesn’t understand she has died and still talks about her in the present tense, her widower has revealed.

The BBC presenter died after a tragic battle with breast cancer in September last year at the age of 40.

Rachael, Steve and Freddie on holiday in Salcombe in July
Rachael wrote a memoir of her life for her three-year-old son Freddie
Steve Bland

Husband Steve Bland, from Cheshire, appeared on Lorraine this morning to discuss the memoir his late wife wrote for their son before she died.

Steve revealed Freddie is coping well but doesn’t fully understand he’s lost his mother.

He said: “He doesn’t understand anything about what’s happened. He still speaks about Rachael in the present tense.

“When he is sort of five, six, seven, maybe I’ll start to read bits to him, when he starts to have some sort of grasp on what’s happened.”

He doesn’t understand anything about what’s happened. He still speaks about Rachael in the present tense

Steve Blandwidower of Rachael Bland

Steve added: “He started pre-school the week after she died. He’s come on leaps and bounds. He’s a really happy little boy full of mischief and adventure.

“That’s what I’ve been told, his grief will come and go and it’s probably when he’s four, five or six we will start to see more how it’s affected him.”

Rachael began writing the book for her son in June last year to document her life and give Freddie advice and memories to treasure, as well as parting words for the three-year-old.

By the end of August she had written 85,000 words, showing her spirit, Steve says.


He added: “It’s not angry, it’s not bitter, there’s no resentment. It’s all of her personality and humour and spirit. It’s not about cancer, it’s not a sad book, it’s a happy book.”

Steve says speaking openly about Rachael’s illness help him and Freddie to prepare for life after her death.

He said: “It’s a big hole that will never be filled obviously. We will be just fine, we told her we would be fine, so we will be.

“Because we had talked so openly about it. I felt as ready as you can ever be.

“Now we are six months on, some of the things that made me cry are making me smile now, her favourite song, watching clips like we’ve just done… it’s nice hearing her voice. makes me very happy to hear her voice and see her face.”

Steve Bland spoke on Loarraine this morning about how Freddie does not understand the death of his mum yet
Rex Features
Rachael wrote the book ‘For Freddie’ before she died
Rachael Bland
The BBC presenter died of cancer at age 40 in September 2018
Steve Bland
The little boy will be read the book when he is old enough to understand it
Steve Bland
Rachael was diagnosed with cancer when Freddie was just 14 months old
Steve Bland
Rachael began writing the book when she knew her cancer was terminal
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She has given Freddie advice, memories and a final message in the book
Steve Bland


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