Raiding your cupboards like a vending machine? Big Food is feeding our snack addiction.

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In 10 years of writing about the processed food industry, I’ve been struck by how many insiders don’t touch their own goods. They can’t without losing control.

At Philip Morris, which made cigarettes and Oreos, only one of those products scared the company’s general counsel, Steve Parrish. He smoked, but only during meetings, and could easily put his pack away for the rest of the day. Not so with the cookies. “I’d avoid even opening a bag of Oreos because instead of eating one or two, I would eat half the bag,” he told me.

Now comes word from the current owner of Oreos, Mondelez, that maybe he just didn’t try hard enough. The company has produced an instructional video on how to eat snacks like Oreos — or chips or cheese puffs for that matter — without wolfing down the whole bag. Tip No. 6: “Finish one bite before starting the next.” 

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