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Rebecca Long Bailey's savage swipe at 'suave' Keir Starmer exposed


The Shadow Education chief was asked to resign by Sir Keir after she shared an “antisemitic conspiracy theory” made by TV star and long-time Labour supporter Maxime Peake on Thursday. Despite defending her actions and claiming she was promoting the “significant achievements” made by the actress and the efforts she had made to ensure people continued to support the Labour Party, Ms Long Bailey was asked to stand down from the post she was given just three months ago. And although Ms Long Bailey has now quit the position she was given after Sir Keir became new leader in April, it isn’t the first time the MP for Salford and Eccles has not seen eye-to-eye with her rival politician.

Ms Long Bailey went head-to-head with Sir Keir and Lisa Nandy as they challenged one another to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

She was seen by many as the Corbynista candidate and was endorsed by the former leader, as well as his Shadow Chancellor.

Sir Keir would eventually go on to claim a landslide victory, offering his rivals positions in his Shadow Cabinet.

However, during a tense battle for the job, Ms Long Bailey launched a scathing attack on the “suave” Sir Keir and claimed he would not be the right person to lead the party to victory in its next election.

In February, she told Business Insider: “The Conservatives want to paint us as the establishment party and we need an anti-establishment candidate — someone from a ‘red wall’ seat who understands why we lost and the feelings on the ground.

“You just can’t put on a nice suit and be a bit suave and think that’s a route into Downing Street.

“The Conservatives will love that if that’s what they choose to do as a party because they’ll paint us as the establishment that’s failing our communities.”

Mr Corbyn stood down after enduring Labour’s worst showing at the polls since 1935, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “get Brexit done” slogan a hit with voters across the nation – and in particularly the north which typically votes for Labour.

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“Antisemitism takes many different forms and it is important that we all are vigilant against it.”

Commenting after the criticism, Ms Long Bailey added: “I retweeted Maxine Peake’s article because of her significant achievements and because the thrust of her argument is to stay in the Labour Party.

“It wasn’t intended to be an endorsement of all aspects of the article.”

The anger surrounding the article came following accusations made by Ms Peake that the US police who killed Floyd George in the US learned the “neck-kneeling” restrain tactic that injured him from Israeli forces.


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