Reckless mobility scooter riders are a danger to the public, charities warn


Road accidents involving reckless mobility scooter riders are on the rise, safety charities have warned, amid calls persistent offenders should face having their electric vehicles confiscated.

Influential road safety groups have called for laws to be clarified so users are reminded of their responsibilities while travelling on streets and pavements, including being subject to road traffic legislation.

Currently mobility scooter users do not require a licence to operate vehicles, though high-powered versions must be registered with the DVLA before being driven on roads.

It means those caught committing criminal offences such as driving scooters while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are often free to continue using them and are served with driving penalties instead.

IAM Roadsmart, one of Britain’s leading driver awareness groups, has now suggested repeat offenders should face having their electric vehicles seized when all other options are exhausted.

Rebecca Ashton, from the charity, said: “Anyone driving a mechanically-propelled vehicle must be in full control of it, they need to be fully capable of controlling the machine to avoid causing danger to themselves or other road users. 

“Persistent offenders should be fined every time and banned if have a licence, offering a re-education course could help people to understand the dangers of using such a machine while unfit through drink or drugs. 


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