'Recklessness' and rumors: Brexit uncertainty rises after May delays key vote


Speculation is mounting that the U.K.’s departure will end up being delayed although keen Brexiteers in the British parliament would likely be angered at such a move.

British newspaper The Telegraph and the BBC have reported that May is considering a plan that would see the U.K.’s departure delayed for two months, however.

The paper and broadcasting network said government officials had drawn up a “series of options” to avoid resignations by ministers who want to ensure that Britain leaves with a deal. The BBC cited two unnamed government ministers as saying that the believe that May will “this week grant some kind of concession to allow for a possible delay.”

Meanwhile, left-leaning newspaper The Guardian reported on Sunday that Brexit could be delayed until 2021 under plans being explored by the EU’s most senior officials, the paper said citing unnamed EU sources.

MPs are due to vote on a series of amendments to the Brexit deal on Wednesday, one of which would essentially try to rule out a “no-deal” departure, demanding that Theresa May requests an extension to the departure deadline if parliament fails to approve her Brexit deal. A majority of MPs are believed to back the amendment.


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