Red Dead Online gets HUGE update – here’s why you should jump back in


RED DEAD ONLINE has just received a huge update that might just revolutionise the game’s world.

While Red Dead Online has received a few updates since launch that have fixed bugs, added some features and responded to some player, this batch is one hell of a score.

Players have a whole host of new challenges to keep them busy

The most obvious addition is daily challenges — seven tasks per day that you can complete for gold nuggets.

These will be a “series of wide-ranging objectives covering everything from skinning animals to finding treasure, winning feuds and more,” according to Rockstar.

You’ll get bonus nuggets for doing all seven on any given day, and the exact challenges will change on a daily basis.

A bunch of new modes are on their way as well.



From next week there will be a Free Roam event called Fool’s Gold that will trigger in the open world every so often.

Here players will fight over a set of golden armor, then compete to rack up kills while wearing it.

Killing the current wearer will grant you the armor and the chance to score points.

Also on the way are Target Races, where players will need to knock over a sequence of targets on horseback.

“Proficiency with a bow and arrow will give you an edge,” say Rockstar.

If you prefer a more sedentary challenge, Rockstar has you covered too thanks to the launch of Fishing Challenges.

Once you’ve opted in you’ll be provided with all the kit you need to get started. Then it’s a matter of finding a good spot and settling in while you compete to reel in the maximum total weight of fish.

There are also three new Showdown modes “where players and teams compete to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from each other and survive.”

Fool’s Gold sees players compete for the right to wear a set of golden armour

While a release date for these new modes haven’t been revealed, Rockstar has confirmed that PlayStation 4 gamers will get to try Target Races out first.

The other event types will launch at the same time on Xbox One and PS4.

PS4 owners also get early access to a new weapon, the jawbone knife, “as well as a range of new clothing options and three new emotes.”

There will be other emotes and clothing options for everyone available via the in-game catalogue, as well as new “Limited Time items”.

It’ll be easier to start — and end — conflict between posses

There are two new weapons that have been revealed in the update too.

There’s the creatively named Rare Shotgun, which is available now, and the Evans Repeater, which is coming soon.



Finally, there are a few updates to the game’s basics.

The worse you behave in game, the further away you’ll be able to be seen on the map by other players.

You’ll also find a posse of NPC bounty hunters on your tail if your felonious shenanigans get out of hand.

It’s also now easier to get into and out of fights with groups of players. Posse v Posse feuds are easier to trigger, as are truces between groups.

Finally, anyone logging in in between now and Tuesday March 5 will get a cache of useful items including tonics and ammunition.

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