Reddit users are revealing the most ridiculous exchanges they’ve had with call centre workers


MOST PEOPLE’S exchanges with customer support will be rather dull – but people have been sharing their rather hilarious chats with call centre workers.

Users in a Reddit thread have been opening up about their funniest conversations, from prank calls to full-on flirting.

Reddit users have been sharing their funniest conversations with call centre workers
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The conversation began with a person who posted a screen shot of a live chat conversation he had had with a Three employee.

“When I get bored at work I seek out a customer service live chat operator to talk to,” the man called Stanley revealed.

In the images he could be seen talking to the customer support worker about the weather.

Some users criticised him for wasting the employee’s valuable time – but many others came forward to tell of their own funny experiences.

This included one person from London who had a “flirty” conversation with a Sky Help Team worker called Trish.

A year after she had requested feedback from him about another matter, he replied: “Do you still want it?”

She responded with a wink face emoji, leading him to ask: “Are you flirting with me?”

The employee wrote back, “Always ;-)”, to which he replied, “Yes Trish you minx hahahah”.

Those who had worked as call centre workers admitted that such lighthearted chats brightened up their day.

One person wrote: “I used to work phonebank night shifts.

“Only about 10 of us on most nights, after a few months you get to know the regulars who call up lonely.

“I had one guy who used to sing Elvis to me and a lovely old lady who used to tell me not to eat tomatoes because I’d lose my eyes.”

I had one guy who used to sing Elvis to me and a lovely old lady who used to tell me not to eat tomatoes because I’d lose my eyes.

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And another who worked in the support department of a gas company recalled: “I worked for the gas emergency service call centre and received numerous calls a day from kids shouting ‘I can smell gas! My mate just farted!’ like it’s the most original joke ever made and nobody has ever thought of it before.”

A third shared: “As someone who works in live chat, please keep doing this. It makes our day a bit better.”

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